Reign of Winter

Darkness Falls

Final entry from the Journal of Nobel Black

Midnight has fallen.

I have found this journal amongst the ash that was once my complimentary compatriot and feel it would be of comfort to the soul of my former companion to finish his tale.

As we entered the church that was barren in our initial entrance to the compound we found a figure resembling that of Baba Yaga. Nobel and Fenn were skeptical of this figure as it proclaimed she had defeated Rasputin and we should return to the hut. As usual my trusting nature got the best of me ignoring the caution of my companions. Fortuitously my attempts to heal the figure had the lovely side effect of dropping the illusion it had been maintaining. Once revealed we brought down this apparent Erodemon.

Nobel then proceeded further in an attempt to scout. Beyond a wall of pews was our target the black monk himself with three figures assumed to be the vampires that Fenn saw in our initial attempts at recon. We prepared as well as we could for this final battle.

Fenn and Nobel used some form of telekinesis to fling the pews out of our way and we began our battle in earnest. I found the darkness overbearing as we engaged with our powerful foes an apparent antipaladin nosferatu bastardization led by Rasputin. Our friend the wolf was nigh immediately dominated. Koyo sprung to the front line bringing the battle to the “brothers” This proved to be a great distraction but ultimately Nobel’s playful companion met an untimely fate. I myself found a great challenge in the battle between these antithesis beings in me slowly bringing for the love light and rage of Sarenrae to these undead monstrosities.

Nobel attempted to disable the world machine as Fenn threw his best spells at the monk and brothers. I know not exactly what was the cause of Nobels demise but it happened shortly after I unleashed a daylight like no other in this pit of desolate darkness and despair. With a flurry of spellcraft our friend was gone and the dark of night with him. Fenn dropped yet again, but Nobels companion Seph tended to the fallen wizard bring him back around enough to assist in the destruction of our foes. Nobel’s sacrifice giving way for Taryn breaking free of the vampiric domination and our success in overcoming our foes.

The Dawn comes for darkness has fallen away and it comes brightly, passionately and with redeeming vengeance for the loss of her companion.

The coming day burns and is wrathful, our foes will beg for the Night to return when we are done. May they beg for redemption freely for I may only ask them to repent after the fact.

Here ends the tale of Nobel Black, companion and friend.

-Selene Orashandi, Sarenrae’s Bulwark of Redemption,


electriccat Greyhame

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