Reign of Winter

Games of Chance

A bardic tale as told by Seph'endrell

Near the end of their quest, the Horsemen found themselves within one of the many worlds contained within the hut preparing to unlock the trap from within which the Crone was contained. There they met the ancient Vigliv, mentor of the Crone. She instructed them on how they could unlock the trap, but she also tempted them with a game of chance.

She revealed a harrow deck, as ancient as one as had ever been seen by mortal eyes. She offered the Horsemen each a chance to draw from the deck and face its consequences for ill or gain.

Midnight was offered first draw for the quest neared to its end and his time had arrived. He hesitated for he had so recently survived destruction at the hands of the Mad Monk, but his fey nature compelled him onward and he drew a single card bearing a dancer. It gifted him with further grace and speed.

Dusk drew second and took 2 cards: the Brass Dwarf and the Tyrant. He became immune to electricity but vulnerable to his own flames; he was also given the power to give any being a single command once in his lifetime. Dusk cherished the potential of this power, for power was what he craved most of all.

Dawn drew third and took 3 cards: the Cyclone, the Foreign Trader, and the Owl. Upon drawing the cards she was caught up in such a torrent of winds that she was obscured from her allies. When the air cleared she was gone.

The Wolf drew 4th and bravely took 3 cards as well, throwing caution to the wind according to the edicts of her god. She drew the Cyclone, the Dancer, and the Midwife. She too became lithe like Midnight and she too vanished into the winds like Dawn. However, when the air cleared the Wolf remained having defeated an elemental of air in single combat. Her power and skill had grown to new heights.

Then it was the Dragon’s draw. Never one to miss out on a legendary tale, he drew 2 cards: the Mountain Man and the Lost. He grew in size, befitting for one of his glory. The second card changed the path of his destiny and awoke in him the true dragon spirit. He would no longer simply retell legends; he would become one.

Midnight retrieved Dawn who had been banished to the Plane of Air, and once again Vigliv offered the deck to each.

Midnight passed. He had seen enough about witches and curses to know not to press his luck.

Dusk drew again and found the power he was seeking in the Bear which transformed him body and soul into a werebear. With this change in form came a change in attitude which may have saved him from himself.

Dawn drew *

The Wolf ran out of luck and drew the Beating. It would drive her to push herself in every fight to the limit of reckless endangerment.

The Dragon drew the final card: the Locksmith. With this last boon, he would be able to open any single lock or mechanism once.

And thus the Horsemen were changed forever by a simple game of chance.


electriccat Dbreker

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