Fenn Malus

Tiefling Wizard


Age: 23
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 155
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
Deity: Calistria

Specialty School: Evocation
Opposition Schools: Enchantment and Necromancy

- Arcane Temper
- Reluctant Apprentice


Fenn was found abandoned in the forest as an infant. A human father and half-elf mother, originally childless, took him as their own. They raised him in a small village miles from the big city. Being gifted in magic themselves, they immediately noticed Fenn’s strong intellect and encouraged him to explore spell casting. He took to it quite easily and enjoyed learning the ways of magic.

Fenn’s parents were never sure how the civilized world would accept him. The evils of devils and demons are always fresh in the minds of the people. They thought a tiefling child would be received poorly by their neighbors and did not introduce him to many. Most of the daytime was spent in the forest exploring, relaxing, studying, and experimenting with magic. The three of them were happy. Even though Fenn knew he was different from his parents, he felt the love and support they gave.

When Fenn was but a teenager, his parents, out of pure interest, dove into divination. They found great aptitude in scrying and foretelling the future. One night, long after Fenn had gone to bed, they practiced their scrying. Both received visions of an army of goblins and trolls headed toward their village. The next day they took a trip to take Fenn miles away to an old friend, a wizard, to become an apprentice. The wizard was at first hesitant to accept someone into his home. But knowing he was getting older and wishing to impart some of his knowledge, the wizard accepted Fenn. Confused, sad, and furious, Fenn tried to object. He wanted to stay with his parents. In reality, his parents did not want to send him away, but only tried to protect him from the encroaching army. Before they left, his parents gave him a silver ring. It was simple, but had each parent’s name etched on the inside of the band.

The goblin and troll army advanced on Fenn’s village. His parents, standing side by side with the other townsfolk, defended the best they could lending their magical talents to the battle. But in the end the army was too much. The entire village was massacred. Eight months later the army descended on the small tower belonging to Fenn’s master. With no hope of escape or repelling the army, the wizard sent Fenn away using the most powerful scroll of teleportation in his possession. Again, Fenn objected, but the old wizard kept his promise to Fenn’s parents; “Above all, keep him safe.” Crying and confused, Fenn was whisked away to a forest hundreds of miles away.

Armed only with a small spellbook, a few scrolls, and his silver ring, Fenn was forced to find a way to survive. He found a settlement of humans nice enough to take him in and used his magic to perform tasks around town in exchange for warm food and a warm bed. News of the goblin and troll army eventually made it way to town and Fenn was able to answer questions about his past. For years he continued to work with the townsfolk and when he was able to save enough money, he struck out on his own. Confident in his magical abilities, filled with grief over the loss of his parents and master, and overcome with a hatred for goblins and trolls, Fenn started his own quest to become a powerful wizard. He had heard stories of strange events in the north. Figuring that was his best chance at adventure, he began his story.

Fenn Malus

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