"What a cute little - AAAH, MY EYES!"


White furred fox with two tails or platinum blond woman, pale blue eyes

Rogue unchained/vexing dodger
1: 0, limb-climber, finesse training (Dex to hit, bite), sneak attack 1d6, feat (agile maneuvers)
2: +1, evasion, improved dirty trick
3: +2, underfoot agility +1, finesse training (Dex to damage), sneak attack 2d6, feat (dirty fighting)
4: +3, debilitating injury, underfoot trickster, rogue talent (ninja trick [style master: kitsune style])
5: +3, sneak attack 3d6, rogues edge (climb), feat (fox shape)
6: +4, underfoot agility +2, rogue talent (combat trick [kitsune tricks]), favored class bonus talent (wall scramble)
7: +5, sneak attack 4d6, feat (magic tail)
8: +6/
1, distracting climber, rogue talent (weapon training [weapon focus bite])
9: 6/1, sneak attack 5d6, underfoot agility 3, feat (greater dirty trick)
10: +7/
2, advanced rogue talents, rogue talent (double debilitation), rogues edge (acrobatics)
11: 8/3, finesse training (rapier), sneak attack 6d6, feat (superior dirty trick: blinded)


Koyo was raised as a part of a small community if kitsune living alongside a monastery to Irori in Jalmeray. Though most of her community were not strictly monastics, they did engage so closely with the monks that the traditions of Irori ran deeply into the everyday life of the community. Koyo’s parents were artists, her father a painter and her mother a performer and storyteller, but though Koyo respected the artistic traditions of the kitsune people, she longed for the physical and spiritual perfection of Irori. In fact, many in the community assumed that her white fur was a symbol of her divine connection.

She was too young to formally take the oaths that would make her a sister of Irori, so she worked on physical perfection instead, knowing that spiritual achievement could be obtained only when she was of sound body. She spent her days climbing and flipping, mastering her breath and balance. She fantasized of becoming a great master and ascending to Irori’s side.

However, childhood dreams are fleeting against the realities of life. Koyo would never have the opportunity to take her oath of sisterhood. Through a strange series of events, she would find herself alone in a foreign land. She would be forced to abandon her peaceful ideals to accommodate this new place. She would find ways to take advantage of her physical perfection and form. She would also learn new skills: hiding, stealing, lying, fighting, and sometimes killing. She would thrive by embracing the animal within. Koyo would learn that ideals are for fairy tales; real people do anything to survive.


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