Nobel Black

Dual Cursed/Seeker Oracle human - debuffing specialist


Though deaf, Nobel is very perceptive nonetheless. He is capable of reading lips and detecting things others may not pick up due to his other enhanced senses, which makes him excel at finding and disabling traps. His arcane heritage gives him some knowledge of arcana and magical devices. Though never able to remove the spirits that haunt him from birth, over the years he has harnessed his curse to turn it outward making him a powerful ally and a dangerous foe.

Age: 22
Sex: Male
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: white
Eyes: blue
Diety: Magdh (“The Three”) of the Eldest (Fey goddess of luck, curses, fate, knowledge, complexity, triplets). As a triplet of sorts himself (magic, fey, shadow) with a curse, he has a deep connection to her. He also favors the god of his parents Nethys (magic, arcane, divine, knowledge) and identifies with Irori (knowledge, healing, restoration, inevitable, resolve), both gods who were once mortals struggling with great power like he does. He has a complicated relationship with dieties as some of his power seems to be granted by an as yet unidentified alien or eldritch entity of which he is an unwilling vessel.

Cursed/Seeker Oracle human

1: 0, orisons, feat (fast learner), mystery (dark tapestry), primary curse (deaf), secondary curse (haunted), revelation (misfortune), tinkering, skill focus (knowledge nature)
2: +1, bonus spell (ill omen)
3: +2, seeker lore, feat (eldritch heritage – arcane/familiar)
4: +3, bonus spell (oracles burden)
5: +3, bonus revelation (many forms), feat (combat casting)
6: +4, bonus spell (bestow curse)
7: +5, revelation (gift of madness), feat (extra revelation – cloak of darkness), hero point feat (extra revelation – wings of darkness)
8: +6/
1, mystery spell (black tentacles), skill focus (stealth)
9: 6/1, feat (improved familiar), hero point feat (leadership)
10: 7/2, mystery spell (feeblemind), scent, no initiative penalty
11: 8/3, revelation (many forms), feat (improved eldritch heritage – new arcana [telekinesis])
12: 9/4, mystery spell (planar binding)
13: 9/4, bonus revelation (fortune), feat (divine interference)

Mythic Heirophant
1: feat (mythic spell lore), path ability (Eldritch Breach [roll twice on caster level checks to affect enemies])
2: Ability score +2 (Cha), path ability (Mythic Domain [revelations considered to be 4 levels higher])
3: feat (dual path [trickster attack]), path ability (vanishing move)

Alignment: NG
Languages: common, sign, aklo, sylvan, draconic


Nobel’s parents, Kellen and Moira Black, were mages of great power, living in the north of Taldor along a great and ancient part of the Verduran Forest called the Deep Green by locals. The forest was the edge of civilization, and though the townspeople made much of their living in and around the forests edge, few ventured into it’s depths for the woods were thick and dark and held many secrets. The Blacks were among the bravest in this land and had long stood as a line of arcane defenders and sages dating back to the first of the line, Kieron Black, who was among the first men to settle the land and push the fey creatures that haunted the inhabitants back into the forest.

However, over time and generations, the line of Black faded until only Nobel’s parents remained. They could defeat nearly any foe or conjure anything together, but they found they could not conceive a child. As they grew increasingly desperate for an heir, they turned to long forgotten entities from the spaces between spaces. In return for an heir, Nobel’s father, Kellen Black, sacrificed his eyes so that beings without name could use his eyes to once more look upon the world. This covenant led to Nobel’s birth, but it also cursed his father, but not with blindness alone. Just as the dwellers in darkness could now see our world through his eyes, now he could only see them. In addition he came to also hear their insidious whispers, which slowly drove him mad. For his own safety he was imprisoned, left to scribble indecipherable alien languages on the walls of his cell in isolation.

Nobel grew into a mischevious prankster, which only contributed to the legend that the family Black was fey-blooded, that Kieron Black had secured a treaty with the fey creatures of the Deep Green by taking one as his wife. As Nobel got older he began to manifest strange powers. Objects broke in his presence and small accidents happened. People began to believe he was haunted or cursed like his father. He also began to speak of spirits that whispered to him in the night, encouraging him to perform pranks and misdeeds. The voices grew louder and more persistent with each passing month and his manifestations grew stronger to the point that small objects appeared to fly across the room as if thrown by an invisible hand. Fearing the voices would overtake the boy like they did his father, Moira Black took his hearing in an attempt to break his bond with the nameless spirits. Now deafened, the voices ceased and the threat of insanity resolved, but his physical manifestations continued to increase. Sometimes those around him could hear the ghostly sounds of whispered voices. The curse had been delayed but had not been lifted.

At the age of 13, knowing she could no longer hope to control the power growing within him and fearing that he would be killed by the villagers, she took him into the heart of the Deep Green to commune with its ancient fey denizens. She passed through deep woods that had never been seen by man before being led to a small hut by a spritely creature. Inside she met Arana Snakeroot, a seemingly immortal half-elf witch, and her fey companions. They could not lift the curse but could teach him to control it, even use it. It would, however, come at yet another high cost. The boy was indeed fey-blooded, as the Black family legend was true, and thus he would be allowed to stay and live in the Deep Green. His mother however was not of the Black line other than through marriage and thus had no rights recognized by the fey beings. She would have to give her son over to fey tutelage to save him, possibly never to see him again. Brokenhearted, she acquiesced and there he remained under the guidance of Snakeroot and the fey, learning to control the strange and dark powers within his blood and soul – fey, shadow, and magic.

Shortly after coming to live in the Deep Green, he had a dream in which a great 3-headed bear came to him from deep within the forest. One head seemed to always be looking back and another always looking far ahead. The central head, however, fixed its gaze on Nobel and spoke. For the first time in years, Nobel could hear, but the words he did not understand. “Winding is the way for night becomes the day, three will become one or all will be undone.” With that the great beast turned all its heads toward the boy and each let out a roar so ferocious that it shattered his body into a thousand shards of broken black stone. He awoke with a start, but swore he could still hear the roar for minutes afterward. When he told Snakeroot of this dream, she told him the bear was in fact Magdh, an ancient Fey Goddess of fate. “Why did she kill me?”, he asked. “She didn’t,” said Snakeroot. “She showed you the path to freedom.”

Though his upbringing was difficult and at times isolating, he blossomed in the Deep Green. His mischevious fey side grew even more inquisitive and daring as time went on. He enjoyed the company of the fey creatures and learned their language. He engaged in pranks, his favorite being teasing Snakeroot’s familiar by moving his spell components with his haunts while hiding unseen. Nobel learned how to make friends despite his deafness when he met an orphan tiefling living near the edge of the Deep Green named Fenn Malus. The two became fast friends and would often stalk around the woods hunting with their cross bows or sneaking up on some of the forests more elusive creatures out of curiosity. The two even developed a way to communicate with hand gestures so as not to give away their position. Fenn was always the better shot but Nobel was the better sneak.

He is driven to overcome challenges including that of his own curse, but his conflicted nature makes it difficult to accept the aid of others as bad things happen to those around him. He is uncomfortable in crowds partially due to years of solitude in the woods and partially due to diffficulty controlling his curse. In order to undo his soulbinding, he seeks knowledge of dieties and spirit creatures. Secretly, he fears that it cannot be undone and wonders what lies ahead as he feels the power within him and his control of it increasing month by month. Does his control mean he is mastering it, or it him? Would his death even stop it or would it give his body over completely to the spirits waiting on the other side? Not knowing what tomorrow holds, he tends to live for today and hide his inner sorrow with outward joy and hope.

That was then. Years have passed and Snakeroot has sensed something strange developing among the northern witches and has dispatched her ward to investigate. His friend Fenn has also been itching to make his way in the world and has heard rumors of opportunity in the north. The two gather what they have and prepare for the journey ahead. It is time for him to once again learn to live among men, but as savior or destroyer?

Nobel Black

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