Taryn Galanti

Human Fighter Champion


Human Female
Age: 26
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 190
Red Hair
Blue Eyes
Deity: Cayden Caileen


Taryn was born to a middle class family in Taldor. Her father worked at the armory and dabbled in blacksmithing and her mother was an artisan who often sold her creations at the local market. Both her mother and father were well know and liked by the people in Taldor.

Taryn discovered a passion for sword play early on in life and could often be found practicing with a wooden sword her father had giver her. One day when she was just 10, she had accompanied her mother to the market as she often did. It was a cold misty day and there were not many people at the market that day. Taryn practiced at sword play to alleviate the boredom. Her mother passed the time chatting and trading with the other merchants. A local man named Odeg, known well in the town for his fencing skills, spotted Taryn that day and saw in her a natural grace and ability, very uncommon for an untrained girl of such a young age. He approached Taryn’s mother and spoke with her about the talent he saw in her daughter. After discussing the matter it was agreed upon that Taryn’s mother would supply him with her wares free of charge in exchange for him taking Taryn under his wing and honing her natural talent.

As the years past it became obvious that Taryn’s natural talent was something extraordinary. Odeg became a very good friend of the family and by the time Taryn was 18 he realized her talent was far beyond even his own, and there was nothing more he could provide for her in the way of learning. It would be up to her now to seek out her own training and expand upon her talent.

Taryn had always had a strong desire to travel and now she knew she must do just that if she is ever to improve her talent and expand her horizons. But she needed money to travel, growing up in a middle class family they had never been poor or had to do without the basic needs, but if she was to explore her world and her talents she would need more money than her family could provide her. Odeg mentioned a local guild that employed people with fighting ability to guard shipments of goods to and from Absalom. Taryn decided that this was her chance, she would go to the guild in the morning and offer her services.

Taryn spent the next 7 years working for the guild and living in various cities between Taldor and Absalom. Her skill and reputation grew quite rapidly. One evening while out drinking with one of the other female sellswords in the guild, the subject of Cayden Caileen came up. Taryn was fascinated, this “accidental God” seemed to mirror the very same principle that Taryn had always held true. His high regard for freedom and adventure and his opposition to tyranny and oppression seemed to echo the very essence of Taryn herself. Shortly after this revelation about Cayden, Taryn began to feel a strange compulsion to move on from this place and seek new opportunity. When the guild approached Taryn with an offer to guard a very valuable shipment north to the River Kingdoms, she took her opportunity.

The voyage was not without incident but it was nothing that Taryn could not handle. The guild had given her the freedom to return after the voyage or to break her ties with them and move on to other things. For Taryn this was not a hard decision. She has felt compelled to continue moving north, always north, every since devoting herself to the beliefs of Cayden Caileen. So North she went, taking odd jobs that suited her need over the course of the next year.

One year later she arrived in the city of Whitethrone, exhausted and beginning to doubt that this pull she had been following was leading towards anything more than her foolish doom. She found a place to stay with what little money she had left and slept for an entire night and day. When she awoke she felt much more at peace, almost at home, as if this was where she belonged after all. Her compulsion to continue traveling had vanished completely. Confused by this revelation Taryn decided that no matter what, she needed to find steady work before she dealt with anything else as she was desperately out of money.

Taryn was taken in by a gang of locals called the Stilyagi. She never really fit in with them and did not feel good about the things she was asked to do. Out of desperation she made an effort for the money. One of the things about Whitethrone that struck Taryn the most was the almost palpable sensation of oppression. These people were not free, something was very wrong here. Unable to maintain her facade with the Stilyagi for long she eventually wore out her welcome and was asked to leave in a less than friendly manner.

While sitting in the tavern she was living above that night and contemplating her new found unemployment with the aid of a tankard or two, Taryn was approached by a woman who introduces herself as Solveig Ayrdahl. Taryn felt a friendship with this woman almost immediately and instinctively knew that she posed no threat. Solveig has been watching her and believes that she is the one Milani has intended her to find. A friendship quickly forms and Solveig invites Taryn to come stay with her at the springs and have a few drinks on her… and that my friends… is an offer you don’t refuse.

Taryn Galanti

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