Reign of Winter

Pursuit of Power

A bardic tale by Seph'endrell

The Horsemen quested into the depths of the Dancing Hut in pursuit of Baba Yaga’s “power”, the second key to unlocking her from the puzzle doll in which she was contained.

They came to an old, decrepit keep teetering on the edge of a great chasm. There they sought an ancient queen, one of the Crone’s first followers who had betrayed her and was punished by being stripped of power and being cast into the Hut to be forever a prisoner.

A spider-like construct met the Horsemen at the gate and was quickly destroyed. Dawn marched forward into the keep and was confronted by 10 bakkoks with bone bows. Midnight shrouded then in mist to hide, while the Dragon spoke words of wisdom that allowed the Horsemen themselves to see through the mist. Teamwork overcame the bakkok.

Dawn again marched forward, a metal colossus crushing door after door. Caged fiendish swarms were made short work by the profane and divine fires of Dusk and Midnight. Dawn and the Wolf devoured the devilish mage that was their master, but not before Dusk and Midnight were touched by the devil’s chilled curse. Dusk retaliated by exploding the creatures head.

Eventually they came to a throne room. Upon the throne sat a crowned, desecated corpse from which frost emanated into the surrounding chamber. Her withering touch nearly destroyed the Wolf who slashed away at her icy frame. The corpse encased the Wolf and Dawn in an icy dome to stop their assault, but it didn’t prevent Dusk and Midnight from reigning magical energies upon her. Midnight snared her in chains of light while Dusk engulfed her frozen visage in flame. Just as the Wolf and the Dragon broke the ice dome, Midnight shattered her bones, killing her.


electriccat Dbreker

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