Reign of Winter


Baba Yaga
Freed from her imprisonment and true to her word, she released the Horsemen from service as her Riders. She granted them a single boon, which they used to banish her and her influence from Golarion forever.

Given the opportunity to return with the Horsemen to Irresen and take the place as the reigning monarch, she declined and instead returned to her home. She, like all princesses, turned out to be kind of a bitch after all.

Dawn (Selene) and Shatha
Having discovered within herself the talent for leadership and self sacrifice and having seen the damage that unchecked evil can reign upon the world, Dawn used her charisma to gather an army to ride alongside her and Shatha into the Worldwound to the east of Irresen. Her time as a Horseman may have simply been prologue to even greater deeds.

Dusk (Fenn)
All he ever wanted was power and safety. The world had been unkind to Dusk as his role models and guardians had been murdered when he was young. That left him without any real sense of security. Now that he had amazing magical power, he had no real interest in what the world had to offer. It was never really a place he could belong. His journey ended much as it had began in a secluded wizards tower, isolated from the threat and fellowship of other mortals. He had come full circle.

Midnight (Nobel) and Seph’endrell
Growing up sequestered in a forest due to his haunting, Midnight dreamed of seeing more. The time as a Horseman had shown him not only this world but worlds beyond imagination, and he now had the power to go anywhere. He returned home briefly to cure his father of his madness wherein his father revealed to him the source of his haunting. However, the family curse remained a mystery with the only clue being that it related to the Green Mother of the First World, something he had picked up in a vision. Midnight and Seph left Golarion in order to destroy the cold collectors that kept Irresen frozen and find answers and adventure along the way. That quest would take them ultimately to the First World itself. None know what happened after that.

The Wolf (Taryn)
The wandering road of fate had led The Wolf to join up with the Horsemen to begin with and that was the road she continued to travel. More devoted to her god then most servants of other deities, The Wolf fully embraced a life lived as Cayden Caillean would have. A life full of bravado, battle, and beer with caution thrown to the wind and destiny as a guide. The Wolf had many more adventures great and small, though the truth or fiction of any of those tales can be hard to determine. Even she can hardly recount the details, circumstances being what they were.


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