Reign of Winter

Winter's End

A bardic tale by Seph'endrell

And so at last the Horsemen came to confront the Witch Queen Elvanna. There she had gathered golems, water elementals, and strange frog creatures to defend her. She saw them coming through a great scrying mirror and was well prepared, but so were our heroes.

Each stood tall and demonstrated why they would become legends in this final moment of their quest. Dawn, always their shield, the bastion and bedrock. She absorbed and deflected injuries that would have otherwise killed the Horsemen. Without her they would have broken before they even began against the Witch Queen’s onslaught of frost and lightning. Dusk, always their fury, the red hot blaze of the candle burning at both ends and nothing left to lose. He countered the witch with hellfire, decimating her minions and leaving ashes in his wake. Midnight, always their wildcard, the paradox of the night’s darkness and the full moon’s light. He shed his darkness for healing light to bring his companions back from oblivion and took the Witch Queen’s sight with umbral magic. The Wolf, always their fangs and speed, the one with the mettle to do what needed to be done, tooth and claw. She single handedly destroyed the golems and forced Elvanna to thrice flee before the threat of her blades. She would ultimately land the killing blow that would end her reign of winter. The Dragon, ever the pillar of support and jack of all trades. He boosted the morale of the Horsemen and provided the tactical insight needed to overcome such a mighty and terrible foe.

Without one, the rest would have fallen. Their harmony was perfect. Their movements divine. The rhythm of that battle a celestial chorus in which we can all rejoice for that was winter’s end on Golarion. Spring returned and with it hope ran anew for all. In our darkest hour the Horsemen overcame themselves and became something more. They showed that even the humblest and most broken of us can become a champion, a paragon of freedom, a symbol of self sacrifice, the best version of ourselves.

Hail the Horsemen! Long may they ride!


electriccat Dbreker

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