Quote Wall

If he wants he can ride my fire boner? – Drew

….Surprise buttsex is the best…. Drew

What the shit? – Drew

Surprise cockfag! – Dane

(Josh)You need to stop playing with yourself…. I played with Kris last night! – Jarrod

It’s just snuff films of her killing her daughters (In reference to Baba Yaga’s porn collection)- Dane

I’ll have two blowdrivers – Drew

I’m a wuss whatever, I like them dark – Drew

I’m not going to go in there without the deaf guy – Josh

I mount Shatha and then I touch myself – Josh

He’s your friend, YOU kill him – Jason

I touched myself twice… it was glorious. – Josh

Smelled moist granny panties on the wind. – Josh

Scissor me Xerxes, scissor me Xerxes …. Buttwolf – Dane

He’s been boxing baggin my clit – Jason

Well we don’t have to kill him, we just have to cut his head off. The blood loss will kill him… – Jason

Quote Wall

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